Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

Guarantee your rental pay with Rent Guarantee Insurance Scheme


Why get RGI?

Rent Guarantee Insurance is open to all Findyourdwelling landowners whose up-and-comers have passed occupant alluding to. You can have your rental compensation guaranteed by our insurance plot, which also pays out for your legitimate expenses. 

For assessing information and to purchase RGI, in the event that you wouldn’t fret contact our insurance accessory on 0773 028 7126.  

Any occupant could surprisingly bear a distinction in conditions and as of now don’t have the alternative to pay their rent totally or on time. 

Nevertheless, your consistent costs as a property director (contract, fixes, publicizing) will keep adding up. 

Rent Guarantee Insurance suggests you will reliably have the alternative to rely upon your rental compensation to pay your home credit and other legitimate costs as a landowner. It is generally called Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee (LERG) assurance

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