Inventory & Check-In/Out Reports

To secure yourself against harm caused during the tenure, it’s crucial to complete a nitty-gritty stock before new occupants move in. 

As all tenure stores should be enlisted with an administration endorsed conspire, occupants can debate any derivations from their store. Without a stock, property managers have minimal possibility of asserting effectively. 

To help secure you and your property, Findyourdwelling has haggled superbly low value for proficient evaluation reports from authorizing stock agents.

Detailed Inventory & Check-In / Check-Out Overview: ​

An inventory report is defined as the “Production of the schedule of condition”, in reality, this is a detailed description of the condition of each room and its fixtures and content, as well as extensive photos.

Check-in is the handover of the property to the new tenants at the beginning of the tenancy. A clerk will meet the new tenant(s), at a social distance, and handover the keys and any additional information regarding the property. A preliminary inventory will then be provided to the tenant(s) for them to review and comment on. After seven days, the final inventory report is completed and supplied to the landlord as part of the check-in report.

A check-out is the handover of the property from the tenants at the end of a tenancy, which involves a review of the state of condition, compared to any initial inventory. If you don’t have an ongoing inventory (created at the start of the tenancy), a good check-out report will still be evidence of the condition the property was left in and also if the tenant broke any clauses in the tenancy agreement i.e. not allowed to keep pets. Whilst without an ingoing inventory it will be harder to prove evidence for deposit deductions, a checkout report without an ingoing inventory is still better than no check outdone at all.

FindYourDwelling offers an Inventory report on its own, and Inventory plus check-in service, or an end of tenancy check-out service.

At the end of a tenancy, we don’t recommend doing all three on the same day. As often the exit condition of the property is not up to the standard you would want for the new tenancy. Hence, we advise allowing some time to fix any issues and having a new inventory created.

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