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So, what are the fundamentals of developing mushrooms? Grow lighting and room. The initial thing you are going to have to give some thought to is a grow room. This is exactly where you’re going to be cultivating your mushrooms. I would also like growing more than 1 strain, even thought as of yet, have not realized a supplier in my area which would allow me to order even more than one strain of shrooms, if anybody knows of each suppliers of any sort of psychedelic mushrooms or various other strains of shrooms in the UK which would be handy, please feel free to tell me.

I will be interested to hear any of your ideas on any kind of things I may possibly have to look at before I begin raising the shrooms, any suggestions or guidance on devices also is welcome. Hi there, first of all I should thank you for starting this thread, I was only searching through the message boards and also saw the thread and thought this might be a useful thread to begin, therefore thank you. My name is Alex, https://reishimushroomhealth.wordpress.com/ I’m from East London, hence the nearest supplier to me is London that is about a 1-2 hours drive I think, I assume I will be in the position to end up with at the very least one strain from there, however, I’m not sure to promote.

I’m unsure just how to raise the shrooms yet, I am going to read this specific thread and often will upgrade with my findings soon enough. Thanks once more for your suggestions and help. P.S: I do not think it’s correct to call them psilocybin mushrooms, as I think they don’t have some psilocybin, they’re called psilocybe, I think that is what you meant by psilocybin, but do not quote me on this. Thank you for the help of yours. Hello, thank you for your reply as well as the website link, I’m really going to look into the link, it is awesome to find out there are so many people growing shrooms nowadays, as this’s a thing I have always desired to do without having it been ready to, I am happy to ultimately have one thing I can do.

I’ve a question about the increase room, I’ve read there’s not a grow space and that they’re cultivated on shelves in the kitchen, however, the hyperlink you posted has no pictures or descriptions of a grow room, how is it being done? I’ve an area that I’d like to use for growing shrooms, for this reason I was thinking if you have a bit of information about the grow room? The shrooms you obtain from London is an improved quality than the ones you can get from somewhere like Holland, this’s because London is a much better tool of shrooms.

You will find that the proper way to grow shrooms is keeping them in a constant growing environment, if you get them a constant supply of light, food and moisture, they’ll always be pleased, they will even attempt to develop more mushrooms, so you don’t need to feed them, they’ll nourish themselves.


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