In the event that you have ever bought or sold land, you have gone over something many refer to as a “conveyance fee” or “brokerage fee”  at the hour of shutting or settlement. This would be valid on the off chance that you were the purchaser or the merchant. A transport expense, likewise called a representative help expense, is a charge to cover the treatment of the necessary desk work by the land organization or financier as they get ready for the last shutting. Paying transport charges can be an issue, yet with no specialist, it should effortlessly be possible. A solicitor or conveyancer will handle all the legal aspects of buying or selling a property for you. A good one will keep you updated regularly, and can really support you in what is likely to be a stressful process.

We provide you with full legal support from the moment the offer is accepted to the moment the keys are received, whether you are buying a property or selling it.We will prepare contracts, help you to negotiate, and do the required legal searches to ensure nothing has been missed. This may be crucial if you are getting a mortgage.We have offices in Hove, Lancing, Worthing and Goring-by-Sea, and have property law specialists available at each office. Our significant experience of landlord and tenant matters enables us to provide comprehensive legal advice on lease extensions, the acquisition of freeholds subject to leases, tenant rental agreements and the whole range of ‘buy to let’ issues facing a new residential landlord. As we work closely with other teams within Penningtons Manches Cooper, we can also assist you with the tax implications of the purchase and disposal of property and land and any immigration issues affecting overseas buyers.

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